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4 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof
Maximize You Energy Consumption in Jacksonville, FL

The blazing Florida Summer sun shines down on the Jacksonville area

You may notice that your air conditioning can’t keep up with the increase in temperature outside. Many people are shocked when seeing their electric bill during the summer and realizing just how much electricity it takes to keep their house cool. Predictions are, this Summer will be one of the warmest on record, raising concerns about energy efficiency.

If you’ve noticed that your house is heating up and your electric bills are through the roof (pun intended), then it’s time to consider ways to improve your roof’s energy efficiency. We at Golden Hammer Roofing have been working to provide the best and most energy-efficient roofs and roofing materials in the Jacksonville area for many years. In our experience, there are four important options to consider when looking to improve the energy efficiency of your roof:

Attic Insulation

Evaluating your roof insulation is one of the first steps to consider how to improve your energy efficiency. The EPA estimates that upgrading to proper roofing insulation can increase your home’s energy efficiency by 15%. Sub-par insulation can trap hot air and prevent good circulation in your home. Once the hot air gets trapped in your home, it can cause your air conditioning system to kick into overdrive to make up for the lack of circulation and overabundance of hot air into your attic because of bad insulation.

 Upgrading to better insulation between your roof and your attic can create a barrier of protection against the hot summer air and decrease heat transfer. This leads to a better-insulated home that is protected from the oppressive heat of a Florida Summer. With better insulation in place, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool and your electric bill won’t break the bank. There are several options when considering an insulation upgrade, but this is not a project that can be safely completed without the experience of qualified roofing professional. 

The skilled roofing professionals at Golden Hammer Roofing have tons of experience helping First Coast residents upgrade their insulation and can talk through all the available options for your home!

Attic Ventilation

Just like inadequate insulation, poor roofing ventilation can also keep air from circulating in a manner that’s needed to let hot air escape from your attic. This means that the hot air will get trapped and heat your house, causing a strain on your air conditioning as it fights to keep your home cool in the Summer months. This heat can also damage your home’s roofing materials, causing more severe problems that no Florida homeowner wants to deal with in the middle of the Summer.

 To ensure optimum air ventilation, it’s essential to have high-quality air intake vents and exhaust vents positioned in the proper places along your roof. Since heat rises, the air intake vents allowing air inside your home should be at the lowest point on your roof, and the air exhaust vent should be high on the roof to let the rising heat escape. This creates a proper flow of air ventilation and keeps your house cooler. It’s also worth having your vents inspected to ensure that they aren’t damaged or poorly maintained. Older homes may have issues with broken or clogged ducts. Having a qualified roofing professional check your intake and exhaust vents can help make repair decisions about your roof. Good air circulation is the key to a cooler home.

Shingle Color

Like how wearing a dark shirt in the summer will make you feel hotter than a lighter color, shingle colors are essential to think about when considering the energy efficiency of your roof. If you look around the Jacksonville area, you may notice that many roof shingles are lighter in color than homes in northern climates. Dark shingles will absorb more sunlight and heat, which will then make your insulation work harder to keep your home cool. This can also cause heat damage over time to your roofing materials. Lighter color shingles naturally deflect the sun’s heat, making it easier to keep your home cooler than a home with dark shingles. If you have a home with very dark shingles, it may be worth considering a lighter color when it’s time to install new roof shingles.

Roof replacement with energy-efficient materials

As technology advances and better products become available, there are more options for integrating energy efficiency into your home when it comes time to replace your roof. Many roofs are 20 years old or older when they’re replaced, and the number of technology advances in that time means that there are most likely fantastic options available that couldn’t be considered the last time that old roof was replaced. Our professionals at Golden Hammer Roofing stay informed of the most advanced and energy-efficient materials available for your new roof. If it’s time to think about a new roof, Golden Hammer Roofing can walk you through all the options available for energy efficiency and durability.

 Don’t let the heat get to you during the Summer. Enjoy your home in the Sunshine State without worrying about excessive energy costs to keep your home cool. Call us today to talk about what options are available to keep your home cool and energy-efficient!

4 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof
GHR ERP 5 May, 2023
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