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GHR Helps Homeowners Deal with Insurance Companies
The Golden Hammer Roofing Difference

Interview with GHR’s Own Dania Fadeley on “Around Town, Orange Park”

Dania Fadeley, Sales Manager with GHR, discusses how she helps interface with insurance companies and their adjustors so homeowners can have a stronger voice when it comes to roof replacement and repairs.


Text transcript of the video:

Tiffany Howard (TH), host:

Hello and welcome to Around Town, I am your host Tiffany Howard and we are just going to continue to highlight businesses and organizations here to ensure that we’re coming back strong this year in 2020. Today, I’m very excited

to not only have someone I would call my friend as a guest but also someone that

you really need to know in Florida and the North Florida market if you own a home. Please welcome Dania Fadeley. She is here joining us from Golden Hammer Roofing. Good morning, Dania. How are you today?

Dania Fadeley (DF), Sales Manager, Golden Hammer Roofing:

I’m doing great, Tiffany, thank you for having me, how are you?


Oh fantastic, thanks. So if you have a house and I know particularly Golden Hammer often deals with homes where you

have had damage from a storm, a tree falling or otherwise where you’ve had to make a claim and Golden Hammer swoops in and helps you deal with not only navigating the insurance claim process, which if any if you have anyone who’s ever been through that it is truly, truly a debilitating process but also to help restore the home replace the roof. So tell us a little bit about the favorite part of what you get to do for your customers.


So definitely the favorite part would be being there for the homeowner as the specialist in this position because, like you said, insurance claims can be a nightmare. You know if you’ve ever heard that commercial from I think Farah & Farah or it was Morgan & Morgan, you know “They’re not a good neighbor, you’re not in good hands.” More often than not, insurance companies are not on your side and they are looking at their their bottom line. So being there for the homeowner or the property owner to answer all their questions help them navigate through the process and then restore their home. Because it’s just a terrible situation to try to live in your home when it has been damaged and it can be very scary going through the process. It can be very overwhelming and it’s just nice to be able to help people get them what they need, want, and deserve and put their lives back on track.


Yes, it’s truly an invaluable service that you provide. I also understand from working with you that you have an extensive background. At one point you had even obtained an insurance adjusters license, is that correct?


Yeah I did, but that was just the easy process, just taught you the law, basically how not to get into trouble. I know that sounds a little nefarious, but they never really taught you how to estimate for damage and also how to use the insurance company software called Xactimate, which has 18,000 line items of code of being able to put a home back together. I never felt like I would be able to do right by the homeowners or the insured and write a fair and accurate claim or scope of repairs. So, as luck would have it, I teamed up with Golden Hammer and learned the business, absolutely loved the company, been in business for 36 years, veteran owned and operated. I feel like it’s definitely part of being a family and I love what I do because I get to help homeowners and go through this whole process.


I know that you have truly been an asset for many customers that I’ve crossed paths with over the years that really need to sell a house and really need to replace a roof and just don’t have the ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty thousand to do so, but you have been able to fight with insurance companies to get these replaced. I will never be able to thank you and I know the customers truly enjoy working with you. I know that you are very hands-on you get up on the roof and will walk the roof with their insurance adjuster to ensure that they see any damage, as well, which really helps the process. Could you please share with our viewers what is the best way to reach you if they have a need in this way


I definitely call my cell phone you know that thing is attached to my hip whether my husband likes it or not unfortunately being in the position that I’m in – just give us a call my phone number is 904-451-5317, so that is my personal cell phone I have the phone with me at all times everyone. so I might be in an area that has no cell reception, but definitely can text that as well and then also if you can’t reach me call our home office at 904-880-2004.


Well thanks again for being with us, Dania, and thank you to everyone who’s watching. I’m your host Tiffany Howard with Around Town. Don’t forget to make today count.

When you need a new roof or repairs, remember to hire a trusted, established, and local company, like Golden Hammer Roofing. Contact us now to see how we can help and to schedule a free estimate.

GHR Helps Homeowners Deal with Insurance Companies
GHR ERP 5 May, 2023
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