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Strong Winds Need a Strong Roofing Company
Golden Hammer Roofing Inc

Inspect Your Roof For Wind Damage

Nature is unpredictable, but while no one can stop heavy rains or strong winds, it is possible to minimize the damage done by them.

 Jacksonville homeowners are only too aware of the large storms that threaten their homes every year during hurricane season. However, hurricanes aren’t the only threat to their homes. 

Although building materials are manufactured to hold up against inclement weather, even well-built roofs are susceptible to damage caused by tornados, hail, and debris flying around in other high-wind situations.

 Dealing With a Wind or Tree-Damaged Roof
Your home’s roof is the most susceptible to heavy winds and rain damage. Even top-quality roofing material can can be damaged by a fallen tree or wind-borne debris, exposing you to danger.

 Wind does not hit roofs uniformly. You’ll find that a storm will affect the most vulnerable parts of the roof. For example, the edges or shingles that are already loose can be destroyed by inclement weather and debris.
Leave the damage unaddressed for too long, and your roof will start to leak, which can lead to rot and and significant water damage.

 Identifying the Damage Done
When your home experiences wind speeds of 45 mph or higher, the chances are that your roof will show signs of damage to some degree.

 Common signs of roof damage include missing or loose shingles, curling or peeling shingles, fascia or soffit damage, loss of granules, and even interior leakage, in addition to any harm caused by fallen trees. If you notice a leak in your roof, it is best to get it repaired as soon as possible. Your roof runs a high risk of developing mold or rotted framing, which can result in the entire roof needing replacement.

The good news is that a qualified and experienced roof technician can repair all these problems. If your house is insured, most insurance policies cover roof damages if an act of nature has caused it. Make sure to notify your insurance company promptly, with a record of all previous repairs incurred, as well as before-and-after roof pictures.

The scope of repair usually depends on the type of roofing material used and the extent of the damage.

Schedule A Roof Evaluation Today
Golden Hammer Roofing has proven experience with repairing and replacing roofing structures for over 35 years! We are a group of licensed roofing contractors who are constantly aiming to provide our clients with superior roofing services.

We offer a complete on-site inspection of your roof to determine the best solution for your particular structure and situation. Contact us today to get a free roofing estimate!

Strong Winds Need a Strong Roofing Company
GHR ERP 5 May, 2023
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