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Dania Fadeley

Golden Hammer Roofing Sales Manager

Dania Fadeley

About Dania

I'm a Jacksonville Native who enjoys being outdoors, working out, eating healthy, and spending time with family. The reason I get out of bed: Spend time with and ride my horses!

I have a passion for seeing the greater good come of things. Roofing for me was an opportunity to finally do what I love and helping homeowners get the facts and information necessary is rewarding as a career and as a personal growth endeavor.

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Serving Jacksonville, FL and Surrounding Areas

Registered Warranties

Rest assured knowing your roof is safe against early damage from unknown storms. Your roof is guaranteed to last.

Complete Line Items

Unlike other contractors who will do only the bare minimum to complete your roof, GHR will go above and beyond to make sure your roof is up to code.

High Quality Roofing Materials

GHR will use only the highest grade in materials available to complete your roof build.